21th Street # 62, apt. 6, El Vedado, Havana
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Who is Elena Tarajano Pérez?
Elena is a lawyer. She graduated in 1980 as a Bachelor of Law in the University of Havana. In 2008, she became master in Bioethics, which was awarded by Juan Pablo II Center of Bioethics belonging to the Catholic Church of Cuba and sponsored by San Vicente Mártir de Valencia University in Spain. In such center, she performed voluntarily as a professor of the subject Biolaw for more than two years.

During her more than thirty years of professional performance she made incursions into different branches of the Law related to the Management, Civil and Real Estate Law, as well as in social and legal researches. She has excellent communicative skills, something which has enabled her to give her guests information the city, the country, and the study and research centers of the city.

In her nearly six years as owner of this Bed and Breakfast, she has been awarded twice with the Excellence Award of TripAdvisor.